Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Military-to-Civilian Resume

Source: Applicant Tracking Systems and hiring managers scan for relevant skills and pertinent action verbs when initially surveying potential job applicants’ resumes. When an ATS scans your resume, it’s assessing the number of keywords and phrases that meet the Continue reading

Education Resources for Using Your GI Bill Benefits

Are you thinking about continuing your education as you transition from the military? There are many good resources that can help you choose an education program and school that is GI Bill eligible and right for you. Whether you are Continue reading

How to Align Your Resume with the Job Description

Source: In order to sift through the volume of responses received for each posting, hiring managers spend an average of about seven seconds on the initial scan of a resume. They are looking for specific keywords to meet their Continue reading

6 Steps to Translating Your Military Skills

How do you accurately and honestly portray your military skills and experience into language which civilian hiring managers will understand? This is a difficult hurdle for military job seekers to overcome in their civilian job search. It is the job Continue reading

10 Steps to Nailing a Phone Interview

Phone interviews are are often used to screen potential employees, and how well you perform on the call can determine whether you are invited to take the next step in the hiring process. Prepare for a phone interview as carefully Continue reading

LinkedIn: Building Your Relevant Network

If you have a professional profile on LinkedIn but have not taken the next step in building your network, you are missing out on a valuable job search tool. Building your professional network on LinkedIn will help you find job Continue reading

Top 10 Free Military Transition Resources

The list of free military-to-civilian transition resources that are out there is exhaustive, so how do you know which ones to use? To save you some time, we’ve chosen our top 10 picks that we think are worth a look. Continue reading

Taking the Initiative in Following Up

Are you eagerly awaiting a phone call or email after submitting a job application or attending an interview? As my mom used to say, “Don’t hold your breath.” You’re better off taking the initiative to follow up and see where Continue reading

Restart Your Job Search for the New Year

There’s no time like the present to reinvigorate your job search with some fresh ideas and enthusiasm. With the New Year comes a new outlook and endless possibilities. Revise, rethink and re-engage… Revise your resume. It is an ever-evolving document Continue reading