Tips for Attending a Corporate Gray Military Job Fair

Attending a job fair soon? Read these tips to follow before, during, and after a job fair to make it a more successful experience!

Before the Job Fair:

 Research the attending companies in advance. If you pre-register for a Corporate Gray Job Fair, you’ll receive a job fair Employer Directory prior to the event. Target companies and research them using their corporate websites,,,,, and  You should know aspects of their business, such as annual revenue, number of staff, nature of products and services, location of business, etc.

Practice your job pitch. To be effective, you will want to make your interactions with the recruiters brief but interesting. Make sure they understand how your skills and experience could be used to their company’s benefit. The more you know about specific openings and help the recruiter see how your skills and experience are a match, the better off you will be. Practice your “30 second” elevator pitch with your spouse or significant other until you have it down pat!

Prepare your business wardrobe. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Often, people judge you initially based on your appearance. Make sure that your business wardrobe puts you in the best possible light. Look for sales but buy quality!

Bring copies of your resume. You should bring enough copies of your resume for every company at the event, as you never know where the right opportunity might be. Stay open to serendipity, which is where luck meets planning!

During the Job Fair:

 Maximize your time. While there are various approaches to maximizing your time at the job fair, we suggest that you start by meeting first with your “B” companies to get a feel for the dialogue and the conversation flow. Once you are comfortable, visit your “A” companies and make sure you shine! Stay positive at all times. Be your best professional self.

Get contact information and ask about next steps. Ask for the recruiter’s business card or at least get their name. Ask the recruiter what the next steps are in the application process. 

Network with other job seekers. Share information and job search ideas with other job seekers at the event. Use this opportunity to grow your network.

After the Job Fair:

 Stay Organized. Keep a record of your company contacts, research, job listings, and next steps.

Follow Up. Send recruiters an email or letter that reinforces how your skills match their openings. Mention any pertinent facts that you learned while talking with them.

Good luck with your job search! Visit the Corporate Gray website for more information on the military-to-civilian transition process and to register for upcoming Job Fairs:


6 thoughts on “Tips for Attending a Corporate Gray Military Job Fair

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  2. Unfortunately jobs now a day are gain through networking ad not through job fairs. I spent so much gasoline and so many hours attending jobs fairs without gaining a jobs. I spoke to a friend of mine and he found a job for me. It so happened that we just lost the contract and again I am out of work. Every employer I spoke with has been impressed with my resume and my interviews but no job offer. My resume was scrutinized by a GS-15 who’s primary jobs was to teach “how to obtain a government job” . So as you can see I am frustrated with this unemployment vet issues. If I don’t find a job within a month, I will lose my house and everything I own. But, Who cares, only the once that have jobs can comment on my situation and feelings.

    • Carlos – Thanks for your comments. Networking is certainly one of the most important avenues to pursue when conducting a job search. Job fairs can offer a networking opportunity to meet face to face with employers, present your skills and discover their job opportunities.
      I wish you success in your job search!

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