How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fairs move quicker than a traditional Job Fair, so careful preparation is crucial to ensure a successful experience. These tips will help prepare you for attending a Corporate Gray/Brazen Connect sponsored virtual event…

Research the attending companies prior to the event: This tip holds true for a traditional event as well, but it is even more important to do your homework on companies before a virtual event. After registering for the event, you can access the Brazen Connect website to research the attending companies and their job openings. Find jobs you are qualified for and interested in so you can bring up these specific jobs when chatting with the recruiters. This will also help you prioritize which company recruiters you will engage with during the event.

Anticipate questions you will be asked: Give careful thought to the questions recruiters will likely ask, and prepare the answers in a Word document. Be sure to spell-check your document and proofread it carefully since you’ll be relying on it during the online chat. Refer to your
list of prepared answers while you are chatting with recruiters online. Or, if you’re a very slow typist, you can cut and paste your prepared answers into the text chat box as appropriate. Keep the answers short – one to two sentences – and to the point.

Upload your resume and fill out your profile on the Brazen
As soon as you register for the event, update your profile on the Brazen Connect website and make sure it is complete and accurate. Also upload the latest version of your resume. Recruiters will have access to your information during and after the event. A carefully completed profile will serve you well when recruiters are researching candidates for the skills they are seeking.

Research the attending companies outside of the Brazen Connect website: You should use alternative research methods to gain information about the companies you’ll be meeting and their job openings. Use Linkedin, Google, the company website, and other sites
such as and to learn as much as possible and go into the event well-prepared.

As you research and target companies in your job search, remember serendipity – stay open to possibilities you didn’t even imagine!

You can view a video on how a Corporate Gray/Brazen Connect Virtual Career Fair works.

View the schedule of Corporate Gray’s Virtual and Traditional Job Fairs occurring throughout the year.


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  1. Yes, thanks Nica. is a great resource for company research, but it’s not free information — not sure how it works. But they have a free trial to see if it’s worth it.

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