Cleared Job Fair Tips – Be Prepared!

How do you prepare for a Cleared Job Fair? These tips will help you get the most out of the event!

Research the attending companies prior to the event. If you pre-register for a Corporate Gray Job Fair you’ll receive a job fair Employer Directory the weekend prior to the event. Use the information in the directory, along with sites like Linkedin,,, or, to get information about the companies you are targeting. Research those companies’ job listings to find ones you are qualified for and interested in. This will help with the next step in preparation…

Plan a job pitch relevant to specific openings. Plan ahead what you will say to help the recruiter see that your skills and experience are a match for their job openings. Craft your message carefully – you want to articulate what you’ve done without revealing anything classified! The trick is to translate your core skills and the work experience you had in the classified setting without revealing anything you shouldn’t. If you have questions regarding what is appropriate to disclose, contact your military/government legal office for advice.

Practice your job pitch. Rehearse your “30 second” elevator pitch so you are comfortable speaking with the recruiters. The more comfortable you are, the less nervous you will be. Remember to just be yourself!

Have others critique your resume. Ask for feedback on your resume from others who are working in a cleared position within your career field. Share it with those in your network who you trust and respect, and thank them for their time and assistance.

Bring copies of your resume. You should bring enough copies of your resume for every company at the event, as you never know where the right opportunity might be.

As I always like to say: Stay open to serendipity, which is where luck meets planning!

Corporate Gray hosts Military Job Fairs throughout the year, and many of them are cleared events. For a schedule, visit


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