Interviewing Isn’t Just About Answering Questions – You Need to Ask Them, Too!

Interviewers expect candidates to ask intelligent, thoughtful questions concerning the organization and the nature of the work. Keep your questions employer- and job-centered rather than self-centered. Consider asking some of these questions if they haven’t been answered earlier in the interview:

• What are the duties and responsibilities of this job?
• How does this position relate to other positions in the company?
• What would be the ideal type of person for this position? Skills? Personality? Background?
• Whom would I be working with in this position?
• Are promotions and raises usually tied to performance criteria?
• What is particularly unique about working in this organization?
• What does the future look like for this organization?
• How long have you been with the company and why?

Also, ask other questions that may have been triggered by the interviewer’s earlier comments or that incorporate your research-based knowledge of the company. For example, say, “As a result of doing research on your company, I have some additional questions…” Always research the company before the interview, I can’t stress that enough – more on this in a later blog post. Asking questions based on the interviewer’s comments or your company research will demonstrate that you are a good listener, are quick on your feet, and cared enough about the interview to take the time to learn more about the potential employer.

At the end of the interview you are typically asked, “Do you have any questions?” Use this as an opportunity to gain more information about the job and the company as well as to demonstrate your knowledge and interest with concise yet thoughtful questions.


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