Why Recruit Military Candidates Virtually?

A Virtual Career Fair is an efficient, cost effective way to recruit military candidates. Here are some reasons to recruit military candidates virtually:

• Worldwide access to military job seekers – Recruiters can reach a larger pool of candidates through a Virtual Career Fair. Military service members who are preparing to separate or retire from active duty are located all over the globe. A virtual event lets recruiters connect with them no matter where they are stationed.

• Time efficient – Recruiters can interact with a large number of candidates in a short period of time right from their computer. The candidate and recruiter are matched up for a text chat during the event for a specified period of time (typically 5 to 10 minutes), then the recruiter is matched with the next candidate “in line” for another brief text chat, and so on. The system is efficient while still allowing for quality one-on-one communication.

• Cost effective – There are no travel costs associated with a Virtual Career Fair. The event takes place at your computer with an Internet connection.

• Connects to candidates willing to relocate – Military candidates have moved around during their time in the service and are not strangers to relocation. Many are willing to move again for their next career, plus the government may cover the cost of their relocation when leaving active duty service.

The benefits to recruiting via a Virtual Military Career Fair are numerous. And above all that, recruiters are connecting with candidates that have military experience, therefore possessing skills and training coveted by companies, such as leadership, diversity, teamwork, integrity, and loyalty, to name a few!

To view a video on how a Corporate Gray Virtual Military Career Fair works click here.

Employers can register for a virtual event here at the Corporate Gray website.


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