Do You Have the Right Credentials for the Civilian Job You Seek?

During your transition from the military, you need to take stock of what skills you have and what skills you need for the civilian career you are targeting. It may make sense for you to pursue a certificate or earn civilian credentials in your field. Research shows that well selected education and training provide the best returns on investment, and having the right credentials can give you a competitive edge for landing the job you’re after. But how do you know what civilian credentials you should acquire?

You can use the following websites to identify civilian credentialing requirements:

1. Credential Opportunities On-Line (COOL) or

2. America’s Career Information Network

3. America’s CareerOneStop

4. GoArmyEd


Another method of researching skill requirements is by using Linkedin. With your free Linkedin account (which I highly recommend you set up if you haven’t already) you can search for people who have the same type of job you’re hoping to land. Study their profiles to see what education, certification, training, and skills they possess. This will give you a good indication of what is required for that position.

Be sure you clearly understand and take advantage of the excellent educational benefits you earned through your military service. Use your G.I. Bill and Tuition Assistance benefits to get the education and training that will help you land a great job.

This article was written in part from an excerpt of “The Military to Civilian Transition Guide.”


One thought on “Do You Have the Right Credentials for the Civilian Job You Seek?

  1. This is very true about making sure your skills transition. I just completed my transition classes for leaving the Marine Corps in May 12′ and one of the drawbacks is that the Marine Corps training system for credentialing is extremely weak and feeds into our sister services that don’t have any clue how to address it. What boggles my mind is that some of these classes easily translate to the civilian world but because our system is so antiquated it can be a challenge to prove our true worth sometimes!

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