HirePatriots – Helping Veterans Get Hired

The HirePatriots program focuses on employing US veterans at the local, community level. It has a state-of-the-art job posting board for companies and a highly sophisticated resume filtering system that permits companies to specifically qualify candidates.

Besides having a free job board for businesses to hire US military, veterans and their spouses, they also have a One Day job board for residents to use. When residents near any US military base need help around their homes, yards or businesses for a day, weekend or part time, they can post their jobs for free on HirePatriots. Through the One Day job board they hire their local military personnel or recently transitioned veterans who are looking for work.

Their 501c3 non-profit Patriotic Hearts also provides a host of other critical programs, including strengthening military marriages and families by providing free counseling and marriage retreats, and giving homeless veterans with families temporary shelter in RVs. Their services also extend to all US veterans and military spouses, military children and their patriotic supporters.

The unique HirePatriots program, helping US businesses to employ veterans, has won awards from both Presidents Bush and Obama, including the Visionary Award for Creating Economic Development. Members of HirePatriots’ nationwide team of patriotic businesses are improving the lives of our US veterans and their families, while at the same time improving their bottom lines.

For more information on the HirePatriots program and services, visit their website at www.HirePatriots.com.

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