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My Next Move for Veterans, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, is a website designed for U.S. veterans who are seeking civilian employment. It helps veterans research their career options, including tasks, skills, salary information, and job listings for over 900 careers.

The career research tools on this website allow you to:

  • Search careers by keyword – If you know what job you want to do, you can type in a job title or words describing the career. The search results will show the knowledge, skills, abilities, education level, and other characteristics of the career.
  • Browse by industry – If you know what industry you want to work in, you can look at careers grouped by industry to see if you find the career you want.
  • Find similar careers to your military job – If you want to use your military training to find a similar civilian job, you can search by branch of service and military code or title to find matching civilian careers.

The website also includes three more ways to search careers:

  • Bright Outlook careers have many job openings now or are predicted to in the near future. It also includes new and emerging occupations that are expected to have an increase in employment over 20%.
  • Green careers are part of the green economy and include careers that are new and emerging, requiring new skills.
  • Apprenticeship programs are available for over 300 careers. With a Registered Apprenticeship program, you can earn a paycheck and get hands-on experience while building your skills.

My Next Move for Veterans also has a link to the O*NET Interest Profiler, a tool designed to assess an individual’s vocational interests. It offers personalized career suggestions based on your interests and level of work experience. You answer questions about what you like to do and it gives you a list of careers to explore matching your interests and education.

Once you find a career that interests you, you can find jobs in the “Job Outlook” box for that career. The ‘Find Jobs’ function lets you search job openings related to that career from several different job listing resources and job banks.

Click here for a visual overview of the features and content of My Next Move for Veterans.


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