Top 10 Advantages to Hiring a Veteran

Why hire our military veterans? These great Americans are the 1% of the population who volunteered to serve our country in time of war. Not only is hiring them a great way to say thank you for their service and sacrifice, but it also brings many benefits to your company.

1. Training and Education – The U.S. government is the largest training provider in the country! Benefit from the skills-based training that has been provided to exiting Service members across all branches of our Armed Forces.

2. Disciplined – Discipline is ingrained into Service members on Day One.

3. Team Players – Military veterans understand the importance of working as a team.

4. Mission-Focused – Military veterans will not stop until the mission is complete.

5. Leadership – Leadership is a central tenet of military service. Military veterans know how to set high standards and “walk the talk.”

6. Performance Under Pressure – Service members have proved their mettle under the most trying conditions.

7. Problem Solvers – Military veterans are adept problem solvers who have demonstrated their ability to solve challenging and complex issues with minimal guidance.

8. Communication skills – Military leaders understand the importance of effective communications to mission accomplishment.

9. Dependable –You can count on military veterans to do what is asked of them, regardless of the circumstances.

10. Diversity – Military veterans reflect the diversity that has made the U.S. a beacon of freedom to other nations around the globe.

In addition to the many positive attributes associated with veterans, hiring them in 2012 could also qualify your company for a tax credit of up $9600. Click here for more information on these tax incentives.

Another benefit to hiring veterans –the U.S. government will pay the relocation costs for those service members who are separating or retiring from active duty (it must be their final move).

Recruiters interested in hiring veteran candidates should also visit Corporate Gray’s Employer’s section to learn how we can help you connect with military-experienced job seekers nationwide, in print, in person, and online.


15 thoughts on “Top 10 Advantages to Hiring a Veteran

  1. I agree wholeheartedly–it’s the driving principle of my company Military-Civilian! I stress this concept when I make my pitch to the companies I partner with, helping them see the value in marketing their open positions to our network of veterans and transitioning members of the military who are looking for civilian careers.

  2. I realize it is a minor point to those who haven’t served, but if they are going to get a model and try to sell him as a veteran, could they teach him how to salute properly? Thumb is tucked in flush with the palm, and the pointer finger touches the outside corner of the eyebrow. Telling that no one in the approval process for this photo knew to retake it. Talk about a place that needs a veteran!

    • Thanks for the heads up about the photo, Scott! That was my bad — I posted Carl’s article and chose the photo. As a military spouse for 25 years, you’d think I could recognize a proper salute. Glad you brought it to my attention!

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    • Linda – Thanks for asking — I’ll email you about your question. I’m glad you feel this will be useful to your staff and readers!

  4. I’m surprised the tax credit of up $9600 only ranked in “addition to”… and did not not make the Top 10 ?!? Money talks.

    Other advantages to hiring a retired veteran just to name a few:

    – Most are most in better physical condition than their civilian peers – Therefore less sick days, better production, less likely to develop medical issues, etc.
    – Most retired vets maintain their TriCare benefits – Thus, I am assuming would be another cost saving to the organization.

    • Fred – One reason the tax credit doesn’t rate high on the list is because of the complexity of receiving the benefits.
      Thanks for your comments and the additional advantages to hiring retired veterans — they are too numerous to list!

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