Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search

Twitter is a surprisingly beneficial job search tool that can help you get noticed, get connected, and get job opportunities. It is a social media site that allows users to post “tweets” up to 140 characters in length. How can this type of social media platform be useful to you? Here are some suggestions for using Twitter effectively for your job search:

Build your Twitter profile to reflect the job(s) you are targeting.

  • Use keywords in your profile bio that describe your skills to employers (max of 160 characters, so make the keywords count)
  • Use your real name on your profile to help with name recognition; if you have a common name that is already taken, add a designation that matches your profession, like JaneSmithRN
  • Add a profile image to increase the connection between you and a prospective employer – use a professional-looking and friendly headshot
  • Include a link (URL) on your profile where employers can get more information about you, like your Linkedin profile URL

Use your Twitter account to connect with (“follow”) people that can help with your job search. The hashtag (#) is used to search on keywords and categories. The more you follow and tweet, the more followers you will acquire along the way.

  • Search keywords to find and follow conversations and people (#jobsearch, #careertips, keywords in your industry, etc.)
  • Search and follow recruiters, industry experts, and career coaches
  • Tweet about current events in your industry, relevant articles, professional events, your job search
  • Retweet (RT) relevant posts and mention others by their Twitter name (@name) – this will bring you to their attention

Following recruiters, companies, and job listings will bring opportunities to your Twitter timeline. The timeline is the list on your Twitter Home page of your network’s posts (tweets). You’ll see what companies and recruiters are saying and what jobs are available.

  • Search for and follow companies and company recruiters
  • Search for and follow job listings accounts
  • Use the Twitter search box to search on keywords specific to your job (#finance, #salesjobs) or your location (#chicagojobs, #dcjobs) or general job listings (#jobs, #hiring)
  • Use these sites to search for relevant job listings accounts: www.tweetmyjobs.com/veterans, www.twitjobsearch.com, http://Washingtonpost.com/wl/jobs/TwitterAccounts
  • Turn on mobile notifications for job listing accounts to receive their tweets to your mobile phone – Click on the down triangle next to the Twitter feed you’d like to have texted to you, select “Turn on mobile notifications” from the drop down list. Make sure you’ve set your Mobile connection to Twitter (under “Edit your profile”) to receive notifications.

These are a few ways that Twitter can be used as an effective job search tool. If you have other ways to use Twitter for job searching, please share them in a comment below.

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