Meeting the Challenges of Military Leaders in Transition

Transitioning senior military leaders have a new resource website called Military Leaders in Transition. It was recently created by Vera Steiner Blore, a business leader and military spouse who, while supporting her husband’s transition from the Coast Guard as a flag officer, found that transitioning from military life to the civilian workplace was a far more difficult experience than anticipated. Hence, she made the website to provide a forum for discussion and to highlight some of the complexities and opportunities related to senior leader transition.

The website contains blog articles that focus on the transition experience for senior leaders and their spouses as they make the transition to civilian life. The purpose of the blog is to encourage dialogue among senior active/retired military leaders and their spouses, and the agencies, companies and communities that support the military-to-civilian transition process.

Also included on the website are resources and information about corporate and government sponsored transition assistance, and information for spouses. Military leaders are encouraged to share their story on the website so that others can learn from their transition experiences.

Recently, an interview with Carl Savino, President and Founder of the Corporate Gray military to civilian employment services, was posted on the Military Leaders in Transition blog. Click here to read the advice he shares for senior military leaders. Check the Military Leaders in Transition website often for more expert advice and support in making the transition to your civilian career.

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