Social Media a Powerful Tool for Your Job Search

Social MediaSocial media is an ever growing, ever changing, powerful tool for a job seeker. When I present a workshop on How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search to transitioning military members, every month I have to tweak my presentation to keep up with the changes to the social media sites, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

But one thing stays constant in my presentations — the reason to leverage social media in your job search is to:
1. Get noticed, 2. Build connections, and 3. Find opportunities.

1. Get Noticed
According to a recent survey, 92% of recruiters said they are using or plan to begin using social networks and social media to find prospective job candidates, with Linkedin being the site used the most.

If you want to be found by these recruiters, you need to have a presence on these social media sites. Sign up for a free account and fill in your account profile completely. Use your resume and keywords that highlight your skills, experience, and training.

2. Build Connections
It’s not enough to create an online profile, you need to then use it make connections. The beauty of social media is the ease in which you can grow your network right from your computer — connecting to colleagues, recruiters, and experts and influencers in your industry to help get your foot in the door of opportunities.

It is estimated that 70% (probably more) of jobs are attained through networking. It’s who you know that can get you that initial look which leads to an interview and job offer. And who you know can grow exponentially through social media sites such as Linkedin.

Just by joining groups in your industry on Linkedin, you can quickly connect with colleagues and experts to whom you have something in common. Military veterans who join veteran groups and connect with fellow veterans can experience a wealth of job search and transition support through their network.

3. Find Opportunities
Social media sites can help you find job and career opportunities, as well as help you research careers, companies, and recruiters.

On Linkedin you can search for jobs, follow and research companies, and research careers to see what jobs that others in your industry hold.

On Facebook you can add a job search application, such as BranchOut or BeKnown, to search for jobs and learn about companies’ openings in your industry.

On Twitter you can follow companies, recruiters, and job listings to find out what they are posting. Set up mobile notifications for the job listing accounts you follow that are most relevant to receive their tweets as text messages as soon as they are tweeted.

Make it a habit to use your social media sites to research companies, recruiters, and job openings before attending a job fair or an interview. This preparation will help you make the most of a job fair event or make a good impression at an interview.

Are you convinced of the power of social media in your job search? Hopefully these reasons have motivated you to put social media to work for you, or use it more than you have been in your job search.

Are there other ways you’ve found social media to be a useful job search tool?

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