Social Recruiting Survey Says… Get on Social Media and Get Found!

In an earlier article, Social Media a Powerful Tool for Your Job Search, I wrote about the reasons you should be leveraging social media in your job search – to get noticed, build connections, and find opportunities. But possibly the number one reason to use social media is because recruiters are using it to find their candidates.

Proof of this can be found in Jobvite’s recently published results of their 2012 Social Recruiting Survey. Here are some of their significant findings:

The number of recruiters using social media to reach candidates is at an all-time high.
– 92% use or plan to begin using social network/social media for recruiting.

Facebook and Twitter recruiting is growing rapidly, while Linkedin is nearly universal among recruiters.
– 93% use or plan to use Linkedin, 63% Facebook (up from 55% in 2011), 54% Twitter (up from 47% in 2011).

Social recruiting works. Since implementing social recruiting…
– 49% of recruiters said they saw an increase in quantity of candidates
– 43% reported an increase in candidate quality
– 20% reported it took less time to hire
– 31% saw an increase in employee referrals

73% of recruiters have successfully hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through a social network or social media (up 15% from 2010-2012).

71% of recruiters rate their social recruiting skill as moderate, strong, or exceptional. Only 25% considered themselves novices.

90% plan on increasing employee count to some degree in the next year.

The highest rated candidates come from…
– 52% from referrals, 47% direct sourcing, and 43% internal transfers

86% of recruiters are likely to look at social profiles.

Poor spelling and profanity make a bad impression to a majority of recruiters. Top negative reactions to possible items discovered while reviewing a candidate’s social media profile include:
– References to doing illegal drugs – 78%
– Posts, tweets of a sexual nature – 66%
– Profanity in posts/tweets – 61%
– Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets – 54%
– Pictures of consumption of alcohol – 47%

Top positive reactions to items found in profiles include…
– Memberships in professional organizations – 80%
– Volunteering/donations to charity – 66%

Recruiting passive candidates is the most popular tactic in competitive recruiting (the steps recruiters take to compete against other employers for top candidates).

These results show that social recruiting is working for recruiters, and thus is the place for job seekers to get noticed by, connected to, and opportunities from recruiters. Now get on those social media sites and get found!

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7 thoughts on “Social Recruiting Survey Says… Get on Social Media and Get Found!

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  4. It certainly worked for me! I was found on LinkedIn by a recruiter to become a recruiter! Keep those profiles up and put all your experience on there. You never know who’s watching:-)

  5. I don’t really like social media, but I am giving it a try with LinkedIn. I am not a LION, but I get many requests to connect from people with more than 500 connections. I receive the cookie-cutter requests to connect, but find the requester hasn’t even bothered to look at my profile. If some of these people are recruiters, I hope they would send a request with more than: I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I’m glad it worked for Ms. Copeland. I hope something good happens for me, and a whole lot of others, as it is starting to seem like a big waste of time.

    • Don — I agree that the invitations to connect that only contain the default message are lame. I encourage people to add at least one personal sentence letting them know why you want to connect with them.
      Social media is about building relationships, and sometimes it seems people get more wrapped up in the numbers than in making quality personal connections.
      That said, I’m still a big fan of Linkedin and have made some valuable connections in my industry through it.

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