Securing Government Employment – Part 1: How Do I Find Government Jobs?

The government is the single largest employer in the United States, with more than 20 million employees. Working in the public sector can be a good choice if you are a transitioning military member, as you have first-hand experience with the culture and how the federal government operates.

Further advantages to government service are its competitive compensation with private sector salaries, including health care benefits and a pension plan. Working conditions are generally good, typical employees work an 8-hour day/40-hour week, and most federal employees are satisfied with their job, finding it interesting and rewarding. There are a wide range of openings across the country, and the career progression within the government is merit based, resulting in general fairness in promotions and advancement.

Finding a Federal Job
Here are some of the numerous federal, military, and commercial resources available to help you find federal government jobs:

Federal Resources

USA Jobs – Most federal agencies post their jobs to this website. You can search for jobs by series, agency, location, title, and keywords.

FedsHireVets – The FedsHireVets Agency Directory lists individuals responsible for promoting Veterans’ recruitment, employment, training and development, and retention within their respective agencies.

Careers in National Defense – This website gives you information about Department of Defense civilian careers and leads you to DoD job listings on USAJobs.

Military Resources

Department of the Navy Civilian Human Resources
United States Army Civilian Personnel
Air Force Civilian Service
U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Careers

Commercial Resources

FedJobs – Career Central
America Job
Federal Jobs Digest
The Resume Place
Federal Job Results

State and Local Employment
Don’t forget the nearly 17 million government jobs that are at the state and local levels. The most numerous of these are found in education (universities and school districts) and criminal justice (police departments and court systems).

Two military transition programs you may want to check out in these industries are Troops to Teachers and Troops to Cops. They are primarily aimed at employment at the state and local levels.

Network, Network, Network
In addition to using the many resources in this article, you should talk with friends and colleagues who are working for the government to learn about job opportunities. Use Linkedin to find government employees and connect with them. Conduct informational interviews to learn about their experiences in getting hired and working for the government. Your connections, along with the resources above, will help you locate government employment opportunities.

List of Federal Employment Resources

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10 thoughts on “Securing Government Employment – Part 1: How Do I Find Government Jobs?

  1. I would be interested in resume coaches (locally here in Tampa) that can help with application/resume submittals to USAJobs Federal Job Announcements. I have applied for a few with negative results. I have heard individuals nearly cutting and pasting the job announcement details into their resumes, whether true or not, and getting the job. I want to be honest and ethical when responding to these job announcements, but I want to make sure I have an edge as well.

    • Maureen – There is a specialist in federal resumes in my area (D.C.), Corliss Jackson, and she could probably assist you long distance. Her website is Hope this helps!
      Also, we are working on a blog article now as a follow-on to this one called “How do I Apply to Federal Jobs?” Coming soon!

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  3. Good article! As a USAF veteran and retiree, you are 100% accurate. I worked in industry for a few years and then went to work in government as a civilian. I successfully used the same resources that you are referencing in your article.

    • Frank – Thanks for your comment. I’m glad these resources proved successful to your federal job search. We’ll keep spreading the word about them!

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