VA Makes it Easier to Support Veterans in the Workplace

Given the many efforts in this country to increase the hiring of Veterans, a new Toolkit has just been launched to help employers, managers and supervisors, and human resource professionals support Veterans in the workplace, leading to an increase in Veterans’ retention and facilitating their success in the workplace.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed an online Veterans Employment Toolkit ( to help managers, HR professionals, and EAP providers support employees who are Veterans or members of the Reserve or National Guard.

Employer Resources
The online Toolkit provides information about:
–  The value Veterans bring to the workplace
–  Material describing the military experience and culture
–  Common challenges Veterans may experience in readjusting to civilian life and how to support individuals in that transition
–  General communication tips for managers and supervisors
–  How to support members in the Reserve and National Guard

Veteran Resources
The Veterans Employment Toolkit also includes resources for Veterans looking to obtain employment and how they can make important career decisions and excel in the workplace.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Toolkit, please contact Sara Landes at

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