New Resume Tool Offers More

ResumeEngineThere’s a new resume tool designed specifically for veterans and transitioning service members that goes beyond what a military-to-civilian skills translator can do. The Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes recently unveiled the Personal Branding Resume Engine to help veterans be more competitive in the civilian job market. Created in collaboration with Toyota, this tool is a unique resume building and career assistance website.

According to the press release on, this website is “a custom built, content rich database that not only translates military jobs and experiences into more familiar terminology, or ‘civilian speak,’ but transposes the information in a professional resume that will attract the attention of civilian hiring managers.”

How it works:

After creating a free account at, you’ll input your military background through a secure application that helps translate your experience into qualifications and strengths civilian HR professionals understand.

The process steps you through filling out your education, military job (including job-specific responsibilities), specialized training, personal skills, and awards (done by clicking on ribbons you have earned). You can also add a personal summary and civilian work history.

After you’ve saved each section, you can review your resume to make sure everything necessary is included. Each section can be edited as needed.

When done reviewing, you’re provided a resume and business card in both PDF and Word formats. With these tools, the website states that “you will be better equipped to promote yourself to prospective employers.” The resume this tool produces is nicely formatted and ready to be shared.

Career Assistance

The website also offers career advice. Sign up to receive their emails and you will also be sent a series of 6 weekly interview tips “to help you present yourself and your abilities effectively throughout the entire job search process,” according to the website. The emails include practical tips on topics such as:

1) Improving your cover letter
2) Opening doors through social networking
3) Choosing appropriate interview attire
4) Improving your interview skills
5) Refining your elevator pitch
6) Using the right body language

Give it a Try

You have valuable skills and experience from your military service, but it’s a challenge to describe your skills in a way that will make your talents clear to potential employers. This tool addresses that issue and goes a step further in formatting those skills into a professional-looking resume. Visit the Personal Branding Resume Engine website for more information and to try it out.

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