Survey Says… Get Found on Social Media!

Social MediaThere are many advantages to using social media in your job search, especially using professional sites like LinkedIn. But besides helping you get noticed, build connections, and find opportunities, quite possibly the number one reason to use social media is because recruiters are using it to find candidates!

The latest Social Recruiting Survey results from Jobvite are out, and predictably, numbers are up from last year. Here are some of the significant findings from the Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results report:

The number of recruiters using social media to reach candidates is up 5% from 2011.
– 94% use or plan to begin using social network/social media for recruiting.

Facebook and Twitter recruiting is growing rapidly, while Linkedin is nearly universal among recruiters.
– 94% use or plan to use Linkedin, 65% Facebook (up from 55% in 2011), 55% Twitter (up from 47% in 2011).

Social recruiting works. 78% of recruiters have successfully hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through a social network or social media (up 20% from 2010-2012).
– 92% hired through LinkedIn
– 24% hired through Facebook
– 14% hired through Twitter

LinkedIn remains the top choice for recruiters of searching (96%), contacting (94%), vetting (92%) and keeping tab of candidates (93%).

The best quality candidates come through the company’s and employee’s networks.
– 64% from Referrals
– 59% from Social networks
– 59% from Corporate career site

– 93% of recruiters are likely to look at social profiles.
– 42% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile, leading to both positive and negative re-assessments.

Poor spelling and profanity make a bad impression to a majority of recruiters. Top negative reactions to possible items discovered while reviewing a candidate’s social media profile include:
– References to doing illegal drugs – 83%
– Posts, tweets of a sexual nature – 71%
– Profanity in posts/tweets – 65%
– Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets – 61%
– References to guns – 51%
– Pictures of consumption of alcohol – 47%

What recruiters are looking for in a candidate:
– From LinkedIn – Professional experience, length of professional tenure, and specific hard skills
– From Facebook & Twitter – Cultural fit, industry-related posts, and professional experience

These results show that social recruiting is working for recruiters. Make it work for your job search by having a professional presence on social media sites such as LinkedIn. You can leverage this tool to get noticed by, connected to, and opportunities from recruiters who are looking for you!

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