Job Hunting – Your Partner’s Support can Make all the Difference

Spouse supportBy Julie Bowen

Moving from the military into civilian employment is a major step and can feel as though you are moving into a very different world to the one you have been used to for the length of time you have been in active service. While you may prefer to opt for further education to ease your way back into civilian life, you may already have all the skills you need to prepare you for your new life.

Moral Support
One of the most important factors in your search for a job is the moral support that your partner can offer during this process. Job hunting can involve a certain degree of stress with rejection and disappointment when a position applied for goes to someone else. The time and energy committed to looking for suitable roles and presenting yourself well in your application can lead to immense pressure. Having your partner on your side in this process is an enormous help in all kinds of ways. Not just for moral support, being there when you need encouraging, and noticing the many efforts you make, but also on a very practical level. Your partner can make a real difference to your succeeding in finding the job you want.

Bounce Ideas off Your Partner
When you are looking for a direction to focus your job hunting your partner is the perfect person to bounce ideas off. They know you better than anyone else and probably have a clearer picture of your abilities and skill sets than others around you. While you may downplay or undervalue some of your talents, your partner will see clearly the true wealth of ability that you have at your command. Exchanging ideas and thoughts with them about the type of role you would like to apply for and your suitability for it will allow you to tailor your approach to prospective employers to make the most of all the positives you have to offer them. Talking to your partner about what is happening in your job search will keep them on board with your current situation and give them the opportunity to offer you the best possible support.

Your Partner is an Asset
For many positions, your prospective employer will want to engage both you and your partner in social situations as part of the selection process. They need to know that your partner is as committed to your filling the role as you are. The position may entail attendance at social functions, fundraisers, business meetings or award ceremonies and your partner will be an important part of the networking that you would be expected to do. Promoting yourself to any prospective employer as the perfect candidate with a partner who is dedicated to supporting you in your employment has an incalculable value; showing them you appreciate the hard work and effort they put in on your behalf is important to both of you.

A Second Pair of Hands and Eyes
Looking for available jobs can be extremely time-consuming and tiring, especially when you are researching online, with so many job sites to work through. Having someone else help you search can radically reduce the amount of time you have to spend looking, allowing you to devote yourself to the process of applying for jobs. Filling in application forms and writing letters of application is something that has to be done by you, particularly when they need to be handwritten; but there is no reason why your partner cannot help to fill in the generic information for online applications, leaving you to complete the parts that are more personal to you.

Your CV is a very important means of communicating your skills and personality to the Human Resources Manager looking through the piles of applications they receive for a vacancy. Sometimes we can miss typographical or formatting errors that can leap out at the person reading a CV. Getting your partner to help in writing and refining your CV will help to eliminate any errors and polish it. You may need to produce a number of different CV’s to target different sectors of the job market; your partner can help to prepare these and upload them to job search sites, which many agencies and companies target when they are looking for employees.

Simultaneous Job Searches
Your partner may also be looking for a job during your military transition, especially if you will be relocating. You can support each others job search, sharing resources and ideas. Also, your local military transition office will assist with your spouse’s job search as well as yours. The transition classes are usually open to spouses on a space available basis, as are the counseling services.

After the skills and personal attributes you bring to your job search, your partner is the most valuable resource you have.

The author, Julie Bowen, is a freelance writer who covers a diverse array of topics, including finance, education, transportation, sustainability, and more. Thanks, Julie, for sharing your talents with the Corporate Gray Blog to inform our readers of the importance of using the educational benefits they’ve earned in the military!



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