Best Practices for Supporting Veterans in the Workplace

Veteran ToolkitWhat are companies doing to successfully support their Veteran employees, as well as those in the National Guard or Reserve? This was the focus of a recent project by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD – to examine retention of Veteran employees and to identify “promising” practices that support retention.

The project consisted of a nationwide survey of human resource directors and staff at 245 American companies and a series of in-depth case studies of six Fortune 500 companies, each with a sizeable Veteran employee population.

Final results of the project included a full report of the findings, targeted informational reports, and a variety of materials and training presentations which Corporate Gray had the privilege of helping to create. These materials are housed on the VA’s Veterans in the Workplace Toolkit.

All the materials listed below were created by passionate psychologists at the VA’s National Center for PTSD, expert researchers at Syracuse University’s Burton Blatt Institute, and the military-experienced team at Corporate Gray. The aim was to help management and HR professionals support employees who are Veterans or members of the Reserve or National Guard.

We encourage employers, managers and supervisors, and human resource professionals to take advantage of these resources.

Handouts on “promising practices” gleaned from the studies:

Is your organization Veteran-Friendly? Take the Is Your Organization Veteran Friendly? Questionnaire to learn about the Veteran-friendly practices your organization already implements and to find out what other practices you might want to consider.

Use these PowerPoint presentation slides and speaker notes to educate others in your organization on promising practices for supporting Veterans in the workplace:

We hope these resources will lead to an increase in Veterans’ employment retention and facilitate their success in the civilian workplace!

If you have any questions or feedback about the Veterans in the Workplace Toolkit, please contact Sara Landes ( at the National Center for PTSD.

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