Spring Clean Your Job Search in 4 Critical Areas

Job Search AdviceSpring is finally here! It’s the time we deep clean the house, de-clutter the storage room, and organize the garage. Why not also use this time for cleaning up and revitalizing your job search? It’s the perfect time to refresh a tired job search to discover new opportunities and possibilities.

Here are a few de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing ideas to help improve and re-energize your job search…

De-clutter your Resume

  • Remove outdated technology and skills
  • Slim down the skills and experience that are not relevant to your target position
  • Clearly state your career goals and the valuable skills and experience you have that support those goals
  • Make sure your skills are translated to civilian language that a recruiter can understand
  • Include the skills, experience and numbers that describe your latest accomplishments
  • Trim it down to two pages max

Organize your Job Search

  • Review your job search plan and repeat some of the early steps, such as assessing your skills and interests or conducting company research, to make improvements
  • Establish a timeline for the steps in your job search, and be disciplined in the execution of your planned activities
  • Use a tracking system to keep a careful record of who you’ve contacted, where you connected with them, and what the next steps should be in following-up

Renew your Networking Efforts

  • Mention your job search on all your social media sites to remind your network that you are looking for a new opportunity
  • Join more groups on LinkedIn, contribute to group conversations, and connect with group members of interest
  • Conduct informational interviews with leaders in your target industry
  • Prepare before attending job fairs to make the most of networking briefly with company recruiters
  • Attend job fairs – prepare ahead of time to make the most of your brief conversations with recruiters, then connect with them afterwards via LinkedIn and email

Spiff up your Image

  • Update and improve your online profiles, especially LinkedIn, to reflect your skills, experience and career goals
  • Freshen up your interview attire so you look and feel professional when in an interview or at a networking event
  • Check that you are well groomed and trimmed up (hair, nails, eyebrows, etc.) so your smile can make the biggest impact

Don’t just spring clean your house and yard. Give your job search a good scrubbing and take it to a new level. If you have other ideas for rejuvenating a job search, please share them in the comments section below. Happy cleaning!



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