Wow Recruiters with a Beefed-up LinkedIn Profile

Wow Recruiters with a Beefed-up LinkedIn ProfileHelp recruiters not only find you but be wowed by what they see! Here are some LinkedIn profile tips to BEEF IT UP and give recruiters more to sink their teeth into…

1. Add links and files to your profile that show more about your professional accomplishments. Of course you should add your resume (or multiple versions of your resume, each named appropriately so a recruiter will know which is of interest to them). But there are other links and documents that you should share on your profile, such as a presentation you created, a paper or article you wrote, videos or images of you in your professional capacity.

2. Get published on LinkedIn! You can publish articles to LinkedIn that you’ve written by clicking the pencil icon in the “Share an update…” box on your Home page. Paste your article into the post, add the title and an image (optional but recommended), and click Publish. These articles will be shared with relevant connections, and they will show prominently on your profile. Share the link to your published article in relevant groups and even outside of LinkedIn – another way to show and share your expertise.

3. Change the order of your skills in the Skills section. The number of endorsements determines the default order of your skills, but you can change the order by clicking the edit icon and dragging your most important skills to the top of the list. These would be the skills in which you excel and that you know recruiters in your targeted field will value.

4. Add sections to your profile by clicking the list of recommended sections that appear to the right when in edit mode. Select sections that will help round out your profile based on your background. If you speak other languages, add the Languages section to your profile. Add the Organizations section if you are a member of professional organizations or the Certifications section if you’ve earned special training. If you’ve performed volunteer work, add the Volunteering & Causes section to your profile.

5. Change the order of your profile sections as appropriate so the most relevant sections come first. Don’t settle for the default order of the sections if that doesn’t highlight your most important achievements. Click and drag the up-down arrow icon next to the section you want rearranged to move its location up or down your profile.

6. Give recommendations to colleagues and bosses that you’ve worked with and respect. That’s right, give not get. You don’t have to wait for them to ask you for a recommendation. Go to their profile, hover over the triangle next to Endorse, and select Recommend. Giving recommendations not only strengthens relationships but also increases your presence on LinkedIn.

7. List your interests in the Additional Info section to show more about your personality and character. Listing hobbies, sports, and activities shows a personal side and helps others see what you might have in common outside of business. This is a good section to check when doing research before a job interview. Finding a common interest with the interviewer helps to break the ice and may help you stand out.

8. Share Your Expertise. Increase your online presence by participating in group discussions, posting your own discussions, publishing articles, and having an active presence on LinkedIn. Don’t set your profile and forget it. Stay in tune with what others are discussing, and chime in to share your expertise. Everything you share and do on LinkedIn beefs up your presence, so be active!

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