Take-away Job Search Tips from a Social Recruiting Survey

Social Media Job SearchWant to get in front of recruiters? Use social media – they are! Recruiters are searching for and connecting with candidates on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You should be using these sites, too, to get noticed, connected, and discover job opportunities.

Need convincing? This article highlights findings from the Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey and suggests tips for putting that knowledge to good use in your job search.

SURVEY SAYS: “Social media is now the norm,” according to Jobvite’s 7th annual Social Recruiting Survey — 93% use or plan to use social networks/media for recruiting, and 73% plan to increase their investment in social recruiting methods.

TIP: Have an online presence on at least one social network to help boost your professional portfolio and show your expertise. If you have a profile on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, you increase your odds of getting noticed.

SURVEY SAYS: LinkedIn continues to be an essential recruitment tool – 94% of recruiters reported using it for social recruiting. The next highest use was Facebook at 66% and Twitter at 52%.

TIP: If you only have time for one social network, create a profile on LinkedIn and spend at least 15 minutes a day contributing to group discussions, researching companies and jobs, and inviting relevant professionals to join your network.

SURVEY SAYS: This is how recruiters are using the top three social networks:

LinkedIn: Search for candidates (95%), Contact candidates (95%), Keep tabs on potential candidates (93%), Vet candidates pre-interview (93%), Post jobs (92%)

Facebook: Showcase employer brand (59%), Generate employee referrals (51%), Post jobs (48%), Vet candidates pre-interview (32%), Vet candidates post-interview (35%)

Twitter: Showcase employer brand (44%), Post jobs (39%), Generate employee referrals (32%), Search for candidates (17%), Vet candidates post-interview (18%)

TIP: Recruiters are searching social media sites on the skills (keywords) and experience their job openings require. Include in your social profile all the skills you bring to the table, especially the ones that are most valuable to the job you want to land. Recruiters are also showcasing their brand and posting job opportunities, which make social media a boundless resource for company research and career discoveries.

SURVEY SAYS: Social recruiting is working — 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through a social network. Here are the numbers by network:

LinkedIn – 79%, Facebook – 26%, Twitter – 14%, Candidate blog – 7%

TIP: Build your professional network on LinkedIn by joining groups in your industry as well as those for veterans and transitioning military. LinkedIn groups help you connect with other professionals in your industry and with whom you have commonalities. Participate in group discussions to show your expertise and get noticed by recruiters. Invite group members to join your network.

SURVEY SAYS: 93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social profile before making the decision to hire them. What are recruiters looking for when reviewing a candidate’s social profile?

  LinkedIn Facebook
Professional experience 97% 20%
Length of professional tenure 96% 14%
Industry-related posts 88% 27%
Mutual connections 93% 35%
Specific hard skills 95% 13%
Cultural fit 80% 46%
Examples of written or design work 83% 24%

TIP: Load your social profile with the skills and accomplishments most relevant to the job you are targeting. Post articles about your industry to share your knowledge and show your expertise. Connect with colleagues and professionals in your industry to grow a relevant network.

SURVEY SAYS: 55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile (up 13% from 2013), and 61% of those reconsiderations were negative.

Poor spelling/grammar (66%) and profanity (63%) make a bad impression to a majority of recruiters. Other negative reactions to items discovered while reviewing a candidate’s social media profile include:

  • References to doing illegal drugs – 83%
  • Posts, tweets of a sexual nature – 70%
  • References to guns – 51%
  • Pictures of consumption of alcohol – 44%

The top reason for a positive reconsideration was seeing volunteering/donations to charity.

TIP: Be careful about what you post on your social networks. Check your privacy settings on Facebook so only friends see your posts and photos. Include your volunteer efforts and community service on your profiles, and post about the volunteer work you’re doing.

SURVEY SAYS: Mobile recruiting is increasing rapidly – 51% of recruiters plan to increase their investment in mobile recruiting. Recruiters are using mobile to find and engage candidates, and share candidate resumes with colleagues.

TIP: Take advantage of the mobile apps to connect with your social networks. They make it easy to post a comment or search for new connections from anywhere. Waiting in a long line or at the doctor’s office? Spend that time on your job search with the use of mobile networking apps.

Make social media work for your job search by having a professional presence on social media sites such as LinkedIn. You can leverage this tool to get noticed, get connected, and find opportunities from recruiters who are looking for you!

For more steps on how to increase your professional online presence and use social media effectively in your job search, check out Corporate Gray’s book on the subject: Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition. It was written specifically for military members in transition and is an easy-to-follow guide for using social media and other online tools.

The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, Jobvite

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