5 Quick Tips for Attending Online Career Fairs

Online Career & Education FairsThe Online Education and Career Fairs co-hosted by Corporate Gray and TAOnline enable military-experienced job seekers and company and school recruiters the opportunity to discover a possible fit by engaging in one-on-one text chat sessions.  To make the most of these events, you should:

  • Research in advance the participating companies or schools
  • Interact with as many recruiters as possible via the one-on-one text chats
  • Follow-up with your connections after the event

Careful preparation is important before attending any career fair, and an online event is no exception. Prior planning and research will help ensure you meet with the recruiters most relevant to your future career plans and help you make the most of the conversations.

Below are tips on what to do before, during, and after the online event…


  1. Register in advance

Registering in advance of the event gives you access to information about each company or school that will be attending. Fill out the registration form completely and upload your resume to give the recruiters more information about you.

  1. Prepare for the event

Preparation for an online event is similar to that of a traditional career fair, and it is crucial to be prepared since the conversations are short and to the point!

Once you’re registered you’ll be sent an email with a link to the event lobby.  Enter the event lobby at any time prior to the event to visit the booths and research the attending companies and schools in preparation for meeting with them. Browse each organization’s information and their career opportunities to find jobs or programs you are interested in. Bring up specific jobs or programs when chatting with the recruiters.

Use other resources to gain information about the attending companies and schools, such as LinkedIn, the organization’s website, and other sites such as GlassDoor.com, Manta.com, or College Navigator to learn as much as possible.

Give careful thought to the questions recruiters will likely ask, and prepare the answers in a Word document that you can refer to during the conversations. Some possible questions are:

Why are you interested in our company or school?
What do you know about us?
What type of career are you seeking?
Which of your skills are you most interested in leveraging?
How would you characterize your leadership style?
What are your salary requirements?
When are you available to start work/school?

Articulate what you are looking for, what your skills are, and why you are a match for their company or school.

Keep your answers short and to the point (1-2 sentences).


  1. Join a Booth

Go to the event lobby using the same link you were given after registering. In the lobby you’ll see the expected wait time for each booth and the number of recruiters online for each company.

You can participate in a general booth discussion, or enter a company representative conversation queue, and you will be placed in the first available chat with the representative. You can also leave your resume and a note for company representatives to view.

  1. Start Networking

Engage in a one-on-one, timed chat session (similar to instant messaging) with a company representative. This is text-only, with no video or audio, so be ready to type. You can review the representative’s contact information.

Don’t wait for the recruiter to start chatting, introduce yourself right away!


  1. Follow-up with recruiters

You can view the event conversation summary when you leave the event. Be sure to follow-up with each recruiter to continue the conversation off-line.

Register now and start preparing for the next Online Career or Education Fairs!

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