Social Media Quick Tips

Social Media Military TransitionThere are so many ways that social media can improve your transition and job search, we could write a book about it (oh wait, we did). But to give you some quick pointers, we’ve pulled out a few of our top tips from the book and listed them here…

Social Media Quick Tips:

  • Publish articles online (via LinkedIn or a blog) about your industry to share your knowledge and show your expertise. Post links to these articles on your social media channels.
  • Join groups in your industry as well as those for veterans and transitioning military. LinkedIn groups help you connect with other professionals in your industry and with whom you have commonalities. Participate in group discussions to show your expertise and get noticed by recruiters. Invite group members to join your network.
  • If you only have time for one social network, create a profile on LinkedIn and spend at least 15 minutes a day contributing to group discussions, researching companies and jobs, and inviting relevant professionals to join your network.
  • Recruiters are searching social media sites on the skills (keywords) and experience their job openings require. Include in your social profile all the skills you bring to the table, especially the ones that are most valuable to the job you want to land.
  • Use social media sites to research companies where you’re interested in working. Recruiters are also showcasing their brand and posting job opportunities, which make social media a boundless resource for company research and career discoveries.
  • Be careful about what you post on your social networks. Check your privacy settings on Facebook so only friends see your posts and photos. Include your volunteer efforts and community service on your profiles, and post about the volunteer work you’re doing.
  • Take advantage of the mobile apps to connect with your social networks. They make it easy to post a comment or search for new connections from anywhere. Waiting in a long line or at the doctor’s office? Spend that time on your job search with the use of mobile networking apps.

For more advice on how to effectively use social media in your job search, check out Corporate Gray’s book: Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition. It was written specifically for military members in transition to help you increase your professional online presence and use social media effectively in your job search.

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