Useful Tips for Job Seekers from a Social Recruiting Survey

Social Recruiting GraphThe latest Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey is out, and it contains some good advice for job seekers. Did you know that recruiters list referrals and social networks as the two most effective sources of quality hires (intern hires is third and direct applications fourth)? This should convince you of the importance of social media in your job search — Use your social networks to make personal connections, build your professional online presence, and discover job opportunities.

What Recruiters are looking for on Social Media:

What matters to recruiters… How to maximize it on social media…
Length of average job tenure and length of tenure with current employer Fill out your work experience in your profile completely, and include dates for each position held. Military members have an advantage, as your commitment to serving your country shows through your longevity in the military.
Mutual connections Build your network of relevant connections,* including colleagues, recruiters, and fellow veterans in your industry.
Commitment to professional organizations Include a section in your profile for your professional association affiliations, and join groups in your industry.
Example of written or design work Publish articles on LinkedIn;* include in your profile the link or the PDF of articles you’ve written;* be a guest author for blogs in your industry.

* For information on how to accomplish these items, read the article “Wow Recruiters with a Beefed-up LinkedIn Profile

Recruiters’ Advice for Candidates on Social Media:


  • Share details about volunteer, professional, or social engagement work.
  • Engage with current events, appropriately.
  • Double check your spelling and grammar – it matters!


  • Don’t share details of alcohol consumption or marijuana use.
  • Don’t rush to post that selfie! (25% of recruiters see selfies negatively).
  • If you’re looking for a job in communications or marketing, don’t delete your profile (instead, beef up your social media presence).

The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey by Jobvite

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