Going Back to Civilian Life, circa 1945

The military transition process has come a long a way since the Greatest Generation was returning home from WWII. Military members coming back from service in 1945 received a 90-page little (5”x4”) booklet called “Going Back to Civilian Life” published by the War and Navy Departments. Compare that to today’s transitioning service members receiving a 5-day course accompanied by a full-sized 250+ page manual, not to mention all the additional resources available to assist them in their job search.

While at an estate sale in Michigan, my brother-in-law (a USAF veteran) came across an original military transition guide booklet from 1945. He bought it for me for $5 – thanks, Darrell! Having a piece of military transition history… priceless.

Below are some pages I photographed from the 1945 booklet. They packed a lot of helpful information into 90 pages, but it’s good to know that transition assistance has advanced by leaps and bounds in the 70+ years since. I’m pleased to be part of the Corporate Gray team that continues to help with this progression.


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