Social Media Top Tips

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Here is a quick list of our top tips for using social media in your job search:

  1. Use a professional-looking profile photo (keep it consistent)
  2. Load your profile with your most relevant skills (searchable keywords & phrases)
  3. Get LinkedIn’s free premium upgrade for veterans
  4. Participate in discussions and post regularly – don’t set it and forget it
  5. Find fellow veterans and people working at the companies you are targeting and invite them to connect
  6. Reach out to your connections for information and advice
  7. Research the company and apply to appropriate jobs before contacting a recruiter – then let them know how your expertise is a match for their needs

Download a two-page handout of more social media tips here:

Want more advice and tips for using social media in your job search? Click here to order a copy of Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition – the 3rd Edition will be available July 2020!


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