In-person Career Networking

Career networking is important for your job search, and in-person networking allows you to build strong relationships. By attending in-person networking meetings, you can get assistance with your job search, hear about local job opportunities, and make contacts at companies Continue reading

Resources to Check Out Before Starting Your Own Business

There are many resources offered by government agencies and non-profits to assist veterans in establishing their own business or acquiring a franchise. Leveraging this assistance can increase your probability of success. Check out these websites to get assistance with your Continue reading

Quick Tips for Video Interviewing

You should expect to participate in video interviews at some point during your job search. Video interviews allow for a virtual face-to-face conversation between a recruiter and candidate, the next best thing to being there in person. They give recruiters Continue reading

A Targeted Approach to Using Social Media

Between your current active duty job and navigating your transition and civilian job search, there isn’t much time left to spend on social media. But with a focused approach, social media sites like LinkedIn can be a great help to Continue reading

A Good Mentor: Don’t Leave the Military without It

Having an industry mentor can help you reach your goals and advance your career. A good mentor can be especially helpful when transitioning from the military to civilian workplace. A mentor can help not only with your transition, but in Continue reading

Informational Interviewing

“All too often overlooked after the network contact is made.” By Jim Dittbrenner In job search mode, the encouragement … pressure? … to network is always there.  A major piece of networking truly is to secure informational interviews with individuals Continue reading

Navigating the Federal Job Search Process

Working in the public sector can be a good choice if you are a transitioning military member, as you have first-hand experience with the culture and how the federal government operates. Being familiar with the culture could make your transition Continue reading

Going Back to Civilian Life, circa 1945

The military transition process has come a long a way since the Greatest Generation was returning home from WWII. Military members coming back from service in 1945 received a 90-page little (5”x4”) booklet called “Going Back to Civilian Life” published Continue reading