Quick Tips on Transitioning to a Franchise

Have you ever considered franchise ownership for your next career after the military? According to the International Franchise Association’s VetFran website there are 66,000 veteran-owned franchises in the United States. Military veterans can make successful franchise owners namely because they Continue reading

Start Your Veteran-Owned Business

Many of the skills and personal qualities that are acquired from military service, such as patience, drive, perseverance, sacrifice, problem solving, and handling adversity, are all well-suited for becoming a successful entrepreneur. You may have little or no business experience, Continue reading

New Resource for Hiring and Retaining Military Veterans

Much has been written about the value of hiring military veterans, including some articles on this blog. However, it’s one thing to understand why you should hire veterans, it’s another thing to understand how to hire and especially retain those Continue reading

VA Makes it Easier to Support Veterans in the Workplace

Given the many efforts in this country to increase the hiring of Veterans, a new Toolkit has just been launched to help employers, managers and supervisors, and human resource professionals support Veterans in the workplace, leading to an increase in Veterans’ Continue reading

Effective Transitioning Strategy

In this video, Cesar Nadar, a retired military officer and President/CEO of X Corp Solutions, talks about his transition from the military and how to do it even better. Cesar has tested experience and proven methods to help veterans transition Continue reading

Military Spouse Employment — Advice to Use Now

As a military service member transitions to the civilian workplace, their focus is on the job search. However, if that transition involves relocation, the spouse may also likely be in job search mode. The numerous moves throughout a military service Continue reading

Top Resources for Military Spouse Employment

According to a recent Department of Defense survey, military spouses have a 26 percent unemployment rate. As the military service member transitions to civilian life, their spouse is often in job search mode as well. While there is no Transition Continue reading

Free Personalized Job Search Assistance to Transitioning Military

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) is conducting a pilot volunteer project to provide free resume assistance and career counseling to transitioning service members seeking civilian employment. This program, called the Military Transition Project, aims to help military service Continue reading

Education is a Key to Success!

It’s true — education is an important key to success! Be sure to take advantage of your hard-earned educational benefits, such as the GI Bill. Advanced education and training will make you more competitive in the job market, and can also payoff Continue reading

Tips Video for the Corporate Gray/Brazen Careerist Virtual Job Fairs

All you need to participate in a Corporate Gray/Brazen Careerist Virtual Job Fair is a computer with an Internet connection! Watch this video for more information and to make sure you have a great experience at this online event…