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Carl SavinoCarl S. Savino is a recognized leader in the field of military-to-civilian career transition. After completing military service, Carl was a Booz Allen consultant and later worked at The Hay Group. In 1994, Carl founded Corporate Gray, a company dedicated to connecting employers with transitioning and former military through the Corporate Gray Series book, The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide, Corporate Gray Job Fairs for the Military Community, and Corporate Gray Online, www.CorporateGray.com.  With almost 4 million copies in print, the Corporate Gray Series book remains the most widely read publication for military personnel in career transition.

Blog ManagerKarin Lockhart-Durkee
Karin Durkee is the Director of Social Media for Corporate Gray. She is a military spouse, educator, technology consultant, and author of Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition. Karin presents social media workshops to transitioning military members on installations in the Washington, D.C. area.


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  1. Hi folks. I like what you are doing. We are launching a number of programs in 2014 including community and economic development along with our other wellness and disability initiatives.

    For now, how can we put out a notice to anyone who has not filed tax returns that they can go to out Vets-Help.org website, scroll down to our tax portal, and prepare and file for free under our partnership with the IRS VITA program?

    The IRS has also asked us to make known the fact that anyone who has a refund coming from their 2010 return, but has not filed yet, will lose it after this April 15.

    Thanks, and I would enjoy catching up with you after April 15. I am a CPA and work quietly and effectively. We are partners with a number of White House programs, and Agencies by MOU and through other programs. We have no ego, but do not tolerate silliness if it hurts our charges. We also work at a strategic level in many areas.

    • Craig – Thank you for the information about the tax prep assistance you are offering to veterans. We will post the information to the Corporate Gray Facebook page and LinkedIn group to help you get the word to veterans.

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