Get a Job Search Advantage by Journaling

Journaling Your Job Search

Keeping a job search journal will yield valuable benefits and can be a great advantage to your search. It may sound time-consuming or mundane, especially if you don’t enjoy writing. But a journal can provide structure and organization to your job search and help you stay focused and positive during an often times stressful process.

Benefits to journaling:

  • Powerful way to promote learning
  • Forces systematic reflection
  • Helps clarify thinking
  • Stimulates new ideas
  • Assists in remembering specific details and information
  • Becomes a record of your experience

Ideas for journaling your job search:

  • Track job applications to help you with the all-important follow up.
  • Assess which strategies worked and which didn’t – you’ll learn from your mistakes and rejections by documenting them.
  • Vent your emotions privately in your journal, and then let them go.
  • Write down compliments and praises you’ve received. These can be helpful when asked for testimonials about your work and can also act as a morale booster when needed.
  • Journal about meetings or conversations you’ve had that related to your job search.
  • Keep track of your career goals and stay focused on the prize.
  • Before an interview, write down what questions you have for the interviewer. Also journal about your feelings — are you nervous, excited? Use journaling to prepare for the interview and also help settle your nerves.
  • Document networking relationships and connections you’ve made that can be helpful down the road.
  • Journal about your vision for the future, your hopes and dreams. Envision what you want to do, where you want to go, and how to get there.

By keeping a private journal of your job search activities, thoughts, and experiences, you better position yourself to succeed. Whether you hand write your journal, type it on an electronic device, or use a voice recording app or device, you will benefit from being able to analyze the job search process, reflect on your successes, and better see the areas needing improvements. Get started journaling today!

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