Tips for Attending a Virtual Job Fair

Virtual Job Interview - Job FairCareful preparation is important before attending any job fair, and a virtual event is no exception. Prior planning and research will help ensure you meet with the recruiters most relevant to your job search and help you make the most of those conversations.

Below are tips on what to do before, during, and after attending a virtual event…


Register in Advance
Registering in advance gives you early access to the company booths so you can start your research and preparation. Fill out your registration information completely and upload your resume. Typically, recruiters will have access to your information before, during and after the event.

Prepare for the Event
Preparation for a virtual event is similar to that of a traditional job fair, and it is crucial since the conversations are short and to the point!

Once you’re registered you’ll be given access to the event lobby.  From there you can visit the booths and research the attending companies in preparation for meeting with them. Browse the company information and their job opportunities to find jobs you are qualified for and interested in, so you can bring up these specific positions when chatting with the recruiters.

Use other resources to gain information about those companies and their job openings, such as LinkedIn, the company’s website, and other sites such as and to learn as much as possible. Jot down questions you have about companies that you can ask during the online text chats.

Give careful thought to the questions recruiters will likely ask you, and prepare the answers in a Word document that you can refer to during the conversations. Some possible questions are:

Why are you interested in our company?
What do you know about us?
What type of work are you seeking?
Which of your skills are you most interested in leveraging?
How would you characterize your leadership style?
What are your salary requirements?
When are you available to start work?

Articulate what you are looking for, what your skills are, and why you are a match for their company. Keep your answers short and to the point, as you won’t have time to type lengthy answers during the text chats. If you’re a slow typist, you could cut and paste your prepared answers into the text chat box as appropriate.


Visit a Booth
Enter a company booth from the event lobby. Once in the booth, you can participate in a general booth discussion, view the company representatives in attendance, enter a recruiter’s conversation queue, or leave your resume and a note for company representatives to view.

If there is a wait, you can be entered in the queue of multiple company booths at once. When a recruiter is available, you will receive a notification dialog and audible alert to accept the next conversation. Once you are in a chat, your position in the other booths will be held while you are chatting.

Start Networking
The one-on-one timed chat sessions are similar to instant messaging. The interaction allows you to “meet” with the company representatives, so be ready to type. Don’t wait for the recruiter to start typing, introduce yourself right away!

You will be able to review the recruiter’s contact information and also see how your profile looks to the recruiter.

Take Notes on the Conversation
After each chat, write down any pertinent information that will help you best remember that conversation, including the recruiter’s name and contact information. This will be useful in jogging your memory when following-up after the event.


Follow-up with Recruiters
Review the connections you made during the event and follow-up with them. Some virtual platforms will give you access to the recruiter’s information and the chat transcripts after the event has ended. If you had asked them for contact information during the chat, it will be in the transcript. If not, look them up on LinkedIn and continue the conversation there.

Remember to register early and start your preparation right away to make the most of the networking opportunity that a virtual job fair offers. View the upcoming Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fairs and start preparing today!

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