Restart Your Job Search for the New Year

Job Search in the New YearThere’s no time like the present to reinvigorate your job search with some fresh ideas and enthusiasm. With the New Year comes a new outlook and endless possibilities.

Revise, rethink and re-engage…

Revise your resume. It is an ever-evolving document that demonstrates your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Take time to polish it up, and be sure it is highlighting your strengths and the value you offer employers. Does your resume show what you can do for them?

Rethink your job search strategy. Are you devoting enough time each day to job search tasks? Have you conducted informational interviews? Are you reaching out to your network for assistance? Have you asked your extended family for support? Are you using social media tools like to expand your network? Return to the basics and give your job search the attention it deserves.

Re-engage your network. Reach out to colleagues and fellow veterans who can help with your job search. Ask for informational interviews, thank them for previous advice, and send them best wishes for the New Year. Get back on their radar and remind them you are searching for the right career opportunity.

Look forward with a positive attitude. That’s easier said than done if your job search is taking longer than you had anticipated. But maintaining a positive outlook will reflect well in all your job search tasks, from sprucing up your resume and online profile to interviewing. Keep it positive and your network will notice and be attracted to your optimism and confidence.

A new year offers a fresh start, and I hope you will take advantage of Corporate Gray’s free services to help you find the job of your dreams in this new year! Post your resume on the Corporate Gray website and participate in our job fairs to connect with military-friendly employers. Use this blog and our online Transition Guide to get useful job search and transition advice.

If you received a free copy of Corporate Gray’s The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide during your DoD military transition course, now is a good time to revisit that book and let it help you reformulate your job search action plan. The 2021 edition is now available as an e-book! You can view it here:

Make sure you use these free transition tools to your advantage!

Check out these upcoming Military-Friendly Job Fairs:

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