Using Purepost to Help Your Resume Standout

As you get ready for the March 16 Virtual Military-Friendly Job Fair, there’s a new resume creation tool you will find helpful. Purepost is a military resume translator that crosswalks your MOS to equivalent private sector skills. As you input your service record, Purepost will translate it into a professional resume format, complete with skills descriptions that civilian recruiters can understand. Purepost will help you…

Stand out in a crowded job market

In today’s job market, competition for desirable positions is often fierce. A well-crafted, up-to-date resume can help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of potential employers. Your Purepost Passport is automatically generated in a highly professional format which you can download to your desktop and easily upload to the Corporate Gray database. By applying the Purepost skills translator to your entire work history, it will help you understand those skills and how to talk about them in terms recruiters can recognize.

Position yourself for career growth

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, updating your resume using Purepost can help you position you for career growth. As you gain new skills, take on new responsibilities, or complete additional training or education, make sure to add these accomplishments to your resume. This can help demonstrate your value to your current employer and increase your chances of being considered for promotions or new opportunities. This information can help you plan your career trajectory and set goals for the future. Purepost Passport holders report that the resume builder helped them discover their strengths.

Be prepared for unexpected job opportunities

In today’s job market, it is not uncommon to receive a job offer out of the blue. Whether it’s a former colleague reaching out with an exciting new opportunity or a recruiter who stumbled across your profile on LinkedIn, unexpected job opportunities can arise at any time. By keeping your resume up-to-date, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities and move quickly if needed. Check back on Corporate Gray every once in a while to ensure your profile is complete.

Having an updated resume is a great way to prepare for the Corporate Gray March 16 Virtual Military-Friendly Job Fair. Be sure to visit Purepost’s booth at this event and talk with their reps about how Purepost can be of benefit to you in your job search!

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