Downloadable Resume Samples to Get You Started

Resume SamplesWill a prospective employer be motivated to learn more about you from reading your resume? Often times, your cover letter and resume are the first impression you offer to a prospective employer, so you want to make sure they advertise your qualifications and accomplishments.

Below are some sample resumes and letters that represent a broad cross-section of the types of jobs that transitioning military service members would likely seek. These are Microsoft Word documents that you can download and modify to suit your needs, or just use as a reference, financial management.

These samples can get you started, but the real work is in populating them with your experience and what you’ve accomplished in your military career. Use specific examples of your impact, including the quantifiable results of your actions. How many people did you oversee? How large a budget did you manage? What percentage of improvement, savings, etc. resulted from your efforts?

Resume examples:
Combat Engineer
Electro-Mechanical Repair
Financial Management
Helicopter Maintenance
Homeland Security
Human Resources
Industrial Engineer
Law Enforcement Professional
Logistics Manager
Logistics Operations Supervisor
Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Repair
Network Administrator
Sales Trainer
Senior Logistics Manager

Federal resume sample:
(PDF with tips included for creating your own version)
Federal Resume

Cover & Approach Letters:
Cover Letter 1
Cover Letter 2
Approach Letter

Thank You Letters
Post Informational Interview
Post Job Interview
Job Offer Acceptance

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