Job Search Networking – Part 2: Connect with Fellow Veterans

As a military veteran, one of your greatest resources is your fellow veterans. They are a nationwide network that has a common interest and that looks out for one another. Make it a priority to connect with other veterans through veteran websites, LinkedIn veteran groups, military associations, and fellow military colleagues.

Veteran Connection Websites
There are several Internet tools designed to connect veterans with each other. You can use these sites to find fellow veterans who can support your job search. For example, if you are applying for a job at Company X, you can search for veterans who currently work at that company and connect with them. Let them know that you are interested in getting a job at their company, and ask their advice about the company culture, the application process, and anything else you want to know about the company and its employees. You’ll find that veterans are willing and happy to help out their fellow service member. You just have to reach out and make the connection. Try this online tool to find veterans:
LinkedIn is the largest professional network and an excellent way to get connected. You can use LinkedIn to grow your network to include fellow veterans, industry experts, recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Join groups on LinkedIn to connect with people you have something in common with. Do a group-search on veterans and keywords in your industry.
  • Use the search box to find people. Use the advanced search filters to tailor your search. By using the “Past Company” filter you can see who was in the U.S. Army, for example.

Find more articles on using LinkedIn in your job search by entering “LinkedIn” in the search box on this blog.

Military Associations
As a military veteran, you have the opportunity to join a variety of military associations, such as the Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) or the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), just to name a few. Many of these offer some form of job search assistance. Being a member of such an association significantly expands your opportunity to network with other veterans.

Corporate Gray has put together this Networking Checklist to help transitioning military and veterans locate and expand their networking contacts.

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