Resources to Check Out Before Starting Your Own Business

Success SignThere are many resources offered by government agencies and non-profits to assist veterans in establishing their own business or acquiring a franchise. Leveraging this assistance can increase your probability of success.

Check out these websites to get assistance with your transition to business ownership:


Consider using LinkedIn to connect with people who own a business or franchise that is similar to what you are considering. Ask for their opinions and insights into the business.

Check out these veteran-friendly lists of top franchises:

If you think owning your own business is right for you, be sure to use the many resources mentioned above and visit a place like
to assist you in your venture. The hard work, dedication, and numerous other skills you exhibited in the military will serve you well in turning your entrepreneurial dream into a successful veteran-owned business.


2 thoughts on “Resources to Check Out Before Starting Your Own Business

  1. Be careful with Top Franchise lists – these rankings are usually based on systemwide sales and # of locations and they don’t take into account franchise closures or franchisee satisfaction. You’re better off retaining someone who researches/vets franchises and understands the skills it takes to succeed in each type of business. You can contact people on LinkedIn once you have done the preliminary research and narrowed your options.

    • Great info and advice — thanks, Heather! Would you be interested in writing an advice article for our blog to help veterans who are considering being a franchisee?

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