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Veterans and Franchising:
1 of 7 Franchises are owned by veterans. You can leverage the FranSuccess inventory of hundreds of franchisors, multiple funding sources, and free coaching services to streamline your franchise search.

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Did you know?…

  • 1 of 7 franchises in the US is owned by a military veteran
  • Why veterans make great franchisees
  • 500+ franchises across 38 categories to choose from
  • 4 step process to search for the perfect franchise for you
  • Funding options – it’s easier than you think

Benefits of Franchising:

It’s a Business in a Box – Just Follow the Process

  • Proven Business Model – that reduces your risk
  • Brand Identity – gives you a head start with loyal customers
  • Franchise Management Systems – guide you through your day
  • Start Up Assistance – to launch on time and under budget
  • Marketing Assistance – they know what works to drive business
  • Training & Support – your success is their number one goal
  • Funding Sources – that understand the franchise industry
  • Go Into Business for Yourself – not by yourself. Analyze the impact of processing credit card fees on your financials.

Our Initial 4 Step Process:
To search for the perfect franchise for you

Step 1
Initial Discovery Call With You

  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • What types of franchise categories are of interest to you?
  • Would you like to work from home, a shop or an office?
  • Would you like to be a hands on owner – or a semi absent owner?

Step 2
Entry of Your Preferences Into Our Franchise Portal

  • We enter your specific requirements into our franchise portal
  • We receive a list of franchises that match well with your work/life preferences and franchise category interest
  • We conduct a territory check to make sure these franchises are available in your area
  • We discuss funding options which include TSP, 401k rollover – penalty free, as well as SBA loans.

Step 3
We Present Multiple Franchise Options to You

  • This is a fun meeting for you!
  • We will present you 3-6 options that match your stated requirements
  • All of these options will have confirmed availability in your area
  • We decide which of these options warrant a phone call to learn more

Step 4
Initial Conversations With Franchisors

  • We will provide you with a list of questions for the franchisor
  • You will learn a lot on this call
  • If it goes well – you will receive additional information from the franchisor
  • They will most likely send an invite to a webinar that goes deeper into the opportunity

Our services are free to you, with no obligation.

Let’s focus on these steps first, and if you have serious interest after Step 4, we will provide you with the next few steps to franchise ownership, which include more information and the opportunity to speak with other franchisees.

Your Contact: George Duffield – – 404.312.9333