Preparing for Behavior-Based Interviews

As you prepare for your next job interview, remember that you may encounter behavior-based interview questions designed to elicit patterns of accomplishments relevant to the situation. These types of questions challenge you to provide concrete examples of your achievements in Continue reading Preparing for Behavior-Based Interviews

10 Steps to Nailing a Phone Interview

Phone interviews are are often used to screen potential employees, and how well you perform on the call can determine whether you are invited to take the next step in the hiring process. Prepare for a phone interview as carefully Continue reading 10 Steps to Nailing a Phone Interview

Why Should I Hire You?

By Jim Dittbrenner I sat in a networking meeting, and the program “Present Yourself with Courage and Confidence” was an excellent reminder of the simple yet often overlooked elements of getting the offers you want when in the job search Continue reading Why Should I Hire You?